Chapter Directors’ Welcome

You may be a Current Member or a Prospective Member of the Association visiting this website for the first time, be you old or new, on behalf of the Officers and Chapter Members, as the Chapter Director I would like to take this opportunity, to welcome you to the GWRRA EN-A Website.

As you browse the site I hope it will entice you to consider joining and hopefully participate in our events and meetings. There are many motorcycle clubs and organisations, but the Gold Wing Road Riders Association

I feel is different in many ways. The camaraderie and friendship is second to none.The chapter travels the country stopping at high qualityhotels, visiting interesting places that the members have suggested.

Two main annual meetings per year, May and November, others as and when they are suggested.

EN-A is currently the only U.K. Chapter and the members will always make you feel welcome at any event.

Wherever you live in England or the U.K. For that matter, you are welcome to join us, and become part of one of the friendliest motorcycle associations currently in existence, and hopefully you will.

Feel free to add this site to your favourites bar so you can keep in touch with other Goldwing Riders.

Enjoy searching our website

Robert (Buzz) Landragin

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