Thank you

With our Meeting approaching in the next few weeks, and due to the resignations of our Regional Director, and our District Director, I would like to take this opportunity to thank them both for the committed roles they played in bringing GWRRA to the UK, as well as setting up and forming the EN-A Chapter. Since it’s beginning they have both along with their Wives, and the people they have managed to bring into the Chapter, spent many hours working and travelling, within the United Kingdom and to the United States of America, for the advancement of the association, it has often been a pilgrimage for some to attend the annual Wing Dings to build a bond for us within the association, for that I duly thank them. a job well done, it could not have been done without you all.

It is now time to move on, we either sit back and let the Chapter slowly come to an end, as some hope it will, or it’s the time to develop the Chapter into a social and friendly Association as it is supposed to be.

Our Meeting in the Lake District will be a chance for all those who have not renewed their Membership, for whatever reason, to join us for a weekend of fun and pleasure, and possibly rejoin, a chance for the Members to be part of a new beginning for the Chapter, and for the Members to be involved in the Events and Meetings, for the future and good working of the Chapter.

The choice is yours I’m not able to do it alone, it’s Your Chapter, part of the Association, you pay your annual subs to belong to, don’t look at it as a monthly magazine, look at it from now on, as part of your Gold Wing Riding Future.

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